One IQ point can make a huge difference



  • When researchers ask groups to make either coöperative or selfish decisions, every additional IQ point in the group results in a 1 percent increase in the likelihood of a coöperative choice. According to head researcher Garrett Jones, more-intelligent people tend to be more willing to delay gratification.
  • For each additional point in the national IQ of their native country, immigrants to the US earn 1 percent more per year, according a study by Garrett Jones and Joel Schneider. National IQ is not immutable; it can rise with improved public health, education, and nutrition.
  • By age 35, every IQ point you’re lording over your sib;ing should, on average, earn you $810 more per year, according to the American Enterprise Institute. Researcher Charles Murray studied sibling to control for genetic variability in an attempt to isolate the effects of IQ alone.
  • A recent Psychological Science paper reported that every one-point edge in the average IQ of the smartest 5% of a nation correlates with an extra $468 per capita GDP. The same advantage in overall national IQ added less than half that.



–– source: Psychology Today

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